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First Generation of Soul Platinum Anicents Vault

When i first started manga well more like just cribbles and bits form when i beging watching anime. Ranging form samurai pizza cats ,thundercats and then the original teen titans. I begin with the soul platinum series with 4 older heros than Sean himself. 


Then came his own series with him and simone having a family before everything happened .....continumed to generation 2

Soul Platinum Corporations Gallery

Soul Platinum 2nd generation series

Then from here i begin to get into mugen and videogame tournments and after a couple of years after then i begin this series. Ranging from the many  people i met coming online and in real life.

Soul Platinum last series 3rd generation gallery.

Then i begin to find people on the web who were pretty cool and i was into anime by then and could actually mimick a person's picture by drawing it into my manga style and realism. They not only became my online friend but also my models i currently have 2 at the moment and always willing to accept more.

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