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Ordering your Arts and Showing support =^.^=

I would like to thank everyone personally for supporting the arts by pursching these drawings. Also by doing so your also showing support for the ArtNow channel as well as the Artist Division. If to say anymore i do these mangas to make people happy and also supporting my tools so i can bring more manga to this site as well.

Soul Platinum - Character Manga


The differance between this and the other type i draw is the fact this type is what i see in my mind and your personality about you.

Character......................  $15.00 per


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Soul Platinum - Realism Manga
Another type of manga style i have stumble across messing with realism art and my own manga type. This art takes alot more work then the other and usually requires a full-body actual picture​

Character.....................  $20.oo per


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